Auckland Elopement Wedding Photography PACKAGES

I offer Auckland elopement wedding packages for those that wish to have a small and quaint wedding. But, who want the memories of it as well. I work with couples to ensure their New Zealand elopements are captured in a documentary style with a touch of art. Every photographer has their own unique style of taking portraits. My style is documentary with a touch or artistic storytelling. I like to capture those precious moments and looks that say more than words ever could.

Elopement Wedding Packages

When I work with couples on elopement wedding packages it typically is just me and my camera gear.  There isn't a need for an entire crew as there are only a few people to keep track of and capture. However, if you are not interested in the elopement packages but are looking for a photographer for your larger Auckland wedding I can help with that as well.  I do recommend having more than one photographer if the wedding is going to entail more than 100 people. This allows the photographer team to span out and capture all of the fun and intimate moments. Even when the wedding is larger we want to be able to capture every moment.  I have a team and am happy to bring them along to the larger events.  

When working with couples on their New Zealand elopements, I try to get what their particular style is all about.  The goal is to capture that style on film. And, there will be 100's of photos taken over the course of an 8 hour day.  All of these photos will be delivered to you and are yours to keep. At times there may be some that are very similar, as I work to capture just the right lighting. However, you are free to choose whichever ones you like.  

Portrait Wedding Photos

When working with elopement wedding packages I try to capture the beautiful couple as they are.  However, I do offer a portrait session as well. This session will be of more posed portraits that are perfect for the wall and much more traditional.  And, of course, I am there for the intimate ceremony as well. And, I do my best to stay out of the way but capture those moments from afar to give you your space.  As an Auckland elopement wedding photographer, I understand that this is your big day. And you want and deserve to have all the spotlight. I'll be over in the shadows getting those amazing shots that you can share later with family and friends.  

With my packages, I include a few things that are included in all of them.  Whether it be elopement wedding packages or a full-on large celebration certain things such as online previews are included.  Take a look at the various packages and see which might fit what you are looking for. Of course, we can add onto the packages as well a la carte should you see something missing.  We are happy to include anything you'd like to upgrade.

Elopement is a very intimate setting and I'm honored that you are considering me to be apart of that small circle.  Should you have any questions or concerns, be sure to ask, I'm always happy to please.