Hi! I'm Will!


I am a photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The feeling of being able to capture the love, the intimacy and the passion between two people and able to give them something that they can relive the moment time and time again is what fuels me.

Wedding day is by far the most special, intimate event between two lovers, and to capture the story to show the raw beauty in the moments captured via photographs is what I do.

My couples have already done the hard part - they found each other. They met, dated, they were bold enough to fall in love, committed enough to make it work. Love is hard, and it doesn’t need to be sugarcoated. Love shouldn't be easy. It should be earned, cradled, protected and appreciated every single day.

My job is easy. I work with couples who have found and chosen to work hard for the one thing that makes humans so unique… Love

If you want me to be a small part of your story, shoot me an email and let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you.

I also run 35mmnz.com where I showcase my other photographic works.